What is it?

The Essential Wine Tasting Guide is the culmination of ten years of wine tasting notes and extensive research of major grape varieties and wine styles within the classic wine growing regions of the world.

Slip it out, open it up, and it unfolds to reveal a mass of compact wine tasting information to help guide you in the analytical tasting of wine.

Features include

  • Sparkling/Champagne, white, red, dessert/ice and fortified wines including Brandy, Port, Sherry, Muscat & Tokay
  • Major and emerging international wine grape varieties & wine styles
  • Over 1,000 tactile and varietal wine aroma descriptors
  • Wine descriptor groups
  • Wine colour comparison guide
  • Faults in wine
  • Scoring wine
  • Temperature serving guide
  • Neutral white background for wine colour assessment

All this, and it's only the size of a credit card!

You will quickly realise, along with many international wine professionals, that the Essential Wine Tasting Guide is an extremely useful wine tool, that is...well, essential!


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